Many businesses have lost faith in leaflet distribution. From bad experiences with past distributors to seeing leaflets being thrown in the bin by potential customers, many business owners are asking,  “does leaflet distribution work?” The answer is simple, YES!  Here at JogPost we have thousands of customers that return to us time and time again because of how effective leaflet marketing is.


Just look at our testimonials.


The question shouldn’t be “Does leaflet distribution work?” it should be “How can I make my leaflet distribution more effective?”


Firstly you need to identify your demographic. You want to think about who you are talking to. This will be your avatar. A representative of who you are trying to reach. You should know your avatar’s, age, sex, location, profession etc. The more detail you have about your customer the more ammunition you have. So customer analysis needs to be done extremely vigilantly. Once you have identified that, you can then tailor your leaflet to speak to that specific person.



Needs & Problems.

Second, you want to address a problem or a need. A simple example would be:


Do you want your date to see you with that hair? Come to Tim’s Barbershop for a haircut.


Or another example would be:


Do your pants feel tighter after the holiday? Come to Sarah’s Gym and burn those holiday calories.


Bonus: Once you’ve addressed the issue you should create scarcity. You can do this by creating a limited time offer.  

Compelling Design & Persuasive Text

You need to have a leaflet that is both memorable and compelling. You also need text that reads well and convinces your avatar to become your customer. Spend money on a good designer and hire a copywriter and make sure that you have the best leaflet possible.



Lastly, you want to track your efforts, otherwise how would you know if your leaflets are effective or not? Here at JogPost we offer FREE tracking to all of our clients so that you know which campaigns are doing the best for your business.


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