JogPost Leaflet Distribution Review | Ride Along® | MNM Consultancy

This wasn’t Nidhi’s first time working with leaflet marketing. Prior to this, Nidhi (from MNM Consultancy) and her fellow marketers felt that they could not TRUST  leaflet distribution companies. This has always been an issue for her. Until she tried our award winning Ride Along® service.

Nidhi says that she “can’t wait to talk to clients now and tell them how amazing this was.”

Her rating:

11 out of 10.

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JogPost Ride Along® is an award-winning service that lets you see your leaflet distribution in action. We were the first leaflet distribution company to offer this (hence the trademark). It simply means that all our clients are invited to come and see their leaflets being delivered. You can sit with the supervisor in one of our vehicles or you can even join one of the distributors. It’s up to you.

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