leaflet distribution

Leaflet distribution is a very straight forward form of marketing. You design your leaflets, you get them printed, and then you distribute them to potential customers. After that you sit back and wait for the phone to ring or the customers to walk in. You can either distribute your leaflets yourself, have your staff hand them out or hire a dedicated leaflet distribution company to do it for you. But which is the best approach? Let’s have a look at each one.


Distributing Leaflets Yourself 

It’s crazy to think that with all the responsibilities a business owner has, that anyone would attempt to handout their own leaflets. But, unfortunately many people make this mistake early on in their businesses. The straight forward nature of distributing leaflets leads people to believe that the process is simple. That could’t be further from the truth. The only solid trade off to distributing your own leaflets is that you can be sure that each and every leaflet has reached its destination. Regardless, you would soon find out that you would need a lot more leaflets distributed to make a successful impact.

Hiring Staff 

This decision is a bit more logical. Instead of distributing your leaflets you have your staff distribute your leaflets for you. The only thing is, your staff knows NOTHING about distributing leaflets. Not only that, you have no way of tracking your staff to make sure they are delivering leaflets correctly. Also, you have your staff members handing out flyers while they can be doing something else for your business.


Hiring A Leaflet Distribution Company

This is obviously the best choice. Why do it yourself or hire amateurs when you can hire dedicated award winning company with a proven track record for getting results? As with anything there are also cons to choosing a leaflet distribution company. It may cost you more and you can’t always be confident that your leaflets are getting delivered. That’s why it’s important to choose JogPost for your leaflet distribution needs. We have an award winning service (Ride Along®) where you can see your leaflets being delivered first hand!

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